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Riding Lessons

Erin applies the natural style of horsemanship to her riding lessons, meaning she wants her students to understand why a horse does what it does. Because of that, Erin believes it’s crucial for children and adults to learn riding from the ground up. Her goal is to customize lessons for the rider and teach the skills that will give them the ability to ride any horse at any place, not just the training horse at the training barn. This kind of learn-by-doing enriches the experience for both horse and rider. In general and based on the student’s skill level, they’ll learn:

  • The importance of safety when working with a 1,200 pound animal
  • How to work with a horse, including how to approach, handling, and what the experience is like from a horse’s point-of-view
  • Feeding, watering, grooming
  • Why it’s so important to take care of equipment
  • How to take care of the horse’s environment, including mucking out the stall
  • The body language of a horse: what your horse is telling you and feeling at all times, not just when you’re in the saddle
  • Basic anatomy, especially as it applies to riding
  • English and/or Western, riding, lunging (working a horse on the ground), obstacle-course work and beginner jumping


Release forms for Marquez Horsemanship, LLC must be signed prior to the lesson. The forms can be found below or here. You can email them to Marquez Horsemanship or print them out and bring them with you. Again, both forms must be filled out and provided before the lesson.

If you need to cancel a lesson, we require 24-hours notice.

Children & Teenagers

Children and teens respond naturally to horses. One of Erin’s great joys is working with kids, especially those who are considered shy. She says she, ‘…loves seeing how they blossom when they start working with horses.’  Generally, young riders that are new to riding have a lot to learn. They have to understand important safety rules, they need to learn how to modulate their voices and gestures so they won’t frighten a horse, and they need to build muscles as riding can be physically hard. Because of that, Erin will start off slow with kids, spending as much time on the ground as in the saddle.


Generally, there is no reason to stop riding into adulthood. Riding works your core muscles, legs, arms, back, and shoulders, as well as balance. There’s also the mental boost you get when you ride—that sense of freedom and companionship is something that is unique to horseback riding. Senior riders should know their limits, remembering that those limits might not be so restrictive as they might think. Erin can work with you to adjust the riding experience based on your physical limitations, if any.

Lesson Facts

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Lesson Prices

Lessons are $45 per hour per student. For semi-private lessons (2-3 students), the cost is $30 per hour per student.

What to Expect

As every horse is different, so is every rider. Depending on age and skill level, the first few riding lessons might be about 50% grooming and tacking, and about 50% riding. Erin will start off by introducing the student to the horse and the horse to the student. From there, the lessons will vary, again depending on the skill level of the student. For more experience riders, the lessons might be more of a 30/70% mix of grooming to riding.

What to Wear
  • Riders should wear breeches or comfortable jeans (you’ll want to be able to stretch), and a shirt that isn’t too loose because it might scare the horse.
  • No shorts, skirts, dresses, or flappy, loose clothing, please.
  • All riders must wear a SEI/ATSM-approved, horseback riding helmet.
  • Sunglasses are permitted. Sunscreen and water bottles are highly recommended because of the Colorado sun.
  • Boots with heels are required. Tennis shoes, hiking boots, winter boots and sandals are not permitted.

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