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About Erin, Marquez Horsemanship, and Juniper Ranch

About Marquez Horsemanship, LLC

The horse and rider relationship is at least a 5,000 year-old love affair. Humans have used horses for food, transportation, assistance on the farm, and companionship.Though most riders no longer require a horse to get things done, they still love their horses and still have close relationships with them.

Erin Marquez feels that same bond. Moreover, she wants to pass on her own love of horses to others, helping to foster and encourage those relationships in a realistic, healthy way that benefits both. Other than making sure safety is number one, Erin doesn’t follow any set riding or training method—she prefers to customize lessons and training around the specific rider and horse.

About Juniper Ranch

Erin created Juniper Ranch from a deep-seated desire to help horses, including the spring chickens and the senior citizens. With Juniper, she provides a safe, quiet place for your mares or geldings. Using her horsemanship skills, she ensures that your friend is  physically and mentally engaged as well as happy.

About Erin Marquez

Like most girls, Erin fell in love with horses at a very young age. She used to fantasize riding her imaginary horse to school and to  the store. As she got older and began her own riding lessons, that appreciation matured and transformed with experience, increasing her desire to help others enjoy the same. Erin has been riding for 17 years and teaching as a certified instructor for 3.

Although Erin cannot work with children under 6 due to insurance reasons, she believes that riding is a lifelong activity, not fettered by age or ability. This includes people over 50 who have never ridden or want to start up again.

Erin is an active member of, and certified with, the Certified Horsemanship Association. Erin teaches both English and Western disciplines, including basic horsemanship, trail riding, lunging, and obstacle work.

Juniper Ranch

Juniper is located at 9255 N Delbert Rd, Parker, CO 80138. Please note that Google is marking it as ‘Juniper Farm.’

Juniper Ranch

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